The bathroom may be the smallest room in your house but it is one of the most used rooms that you have.  That makes the choice of flooring materials so much more important.  You can splurge for higher end materials because the space is that much smaller.  New flooring alone is enough to give your bathroom a facelift, here are 5 types of flooring for your bathroom that can change the look of your bathroom.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic is a commonly used flooring material especially in high end renovations, it looks absolutely stunning.  The ceramic is made from natural clays that is mixed with different sediments.  Unsealed tile should never be used in the bathroom, it can be damaged by water and it stains easily, but glazed ceramic tile is covered in a coating that seals it perfectly.  You can get ceramics in a bunch of different colors and patterns.  You will need a  professional installer and that’s where it can get pricey, but your bathroom is a small space it may be affordable.

Standard Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is extremely common, especially in rental properties.  It is cheap, easy to  install, durable, water resistant and matches any bathroom.  You can get a variety of patterns and colors and it is ideal for the homeowner with a smaller budget. You can get standard vinyl in two ways, the first is a single sheet that can be installed as one piece, the second is with vinyl tiles. For the bathroom you are better off with a single sheet, it eliminates the potential for water getting under your tiles. If you’re planning on doing it yourself then vinyl is the easiest choice.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl is world’s away from standard vinyl and can cost nearly as much as ceramic tiles.  It is thicker, rigid and it is built to look like hardwood or ceramic tiles.  It is easy to assemble with a “click lock” system and many homeowners who used it in their home have it installed in all rooms including the bathroom.  One of the drawbacks is that water can get between the cracks. Here is how to install luxury vinyl flooring in your bathroom.

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum has been around forever, made from natural materials it appeals to homeowners who want to keep their homes as green as possible.  It is very similar to vinyl in durability and color options.  It is easy to install yourself and it is fairly inexpensive.

Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is a relative newcomer to bathroom flooring options but designers are using it more and more.  Generally you will find concrete in higher end homes with very modern design themes.  It is actually pretty affordable but if this is a second floor bathroom then you will need a cement board underlayment installed first.  Even with the underlayment concrete can still be less expensive that ceramic tile or luxury vinyl.  Concrete is porous so you will need to have it sealed to keep it from staining.  Concrete can also be pretty cold so it is recommended that when you put in the concrete you also add in floor heating.